New Tricyrtis hirta 'Blue Wonder' Expand

Tricyrtis hirta 'Blue Wonder'

Un Quadrato di Giardino - Podenzano (PC)


Tricyrtis are exotic-looking plants, originating in the Himalayas and East Asia, they grow naturally on the edges of forests, preferring shade and rich, moist soil. This variety is compact, with dark green leaves and long arched stems surmounted by dark buds; open white flowers similar to "starfish" dotted with blue-violet, which appear in late summer and last in autumn. Easy to grow and long-lived. It resprouts late in the spring.

La pianta è in vaso di 15 cm di diametro

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EsposizioneMezz'ombra, Ombra luminosa, Ombra profonda
Periodo di fiorituraAutunno
Colore del FioreBicolore
Colore delle FoglieVerde
Altezza Massima60-90 cm
Larghezza Massima80 cm
InnaffiaturaScarsa (al bisogno)
Zona_USDA5a Info Zona USDA