New Petasites japonicus 'Giganteus' Expand

Petasites japonicus 'Giganteus'

Un Quadrato di Giardino - Podenzano (PC)

Petasites japonicus


Rhizomatous perennial plant, with leaves reaching 150 cm in diameter, very early flowering (even in the snow), produces cream-colored stars grouped in bunches that look like small bouquets. Then it develops the huge leaves; being very rustic and resistant to intense frost, it is an excellent substitute for Gunnera manicata (which, on the other hand, does not withstand northern frost). It lives well both in the sun and in the shade. In the sun it should be wet often or always with a full under pot saucer, in the shade it is more tolerant. In the sun the leaves are more rounded in the shape of a "snail"

Parte di pianta da usare in cucina : germogli

La pianta è in vaso di 25 cm di diametro


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EsposizioneMezz'ombra, Ombra luminosa, Ombra profonda
Periodo di fiorituraInverno, Primavera
Colore del FioreBianco
Colore delle FoglieVerde
Altezza Massima100-120 cm
Larghezza MassimaTappezzanti (virtualmente infinita)
InnaffiaturaIntensa (ama terreno fresco e umido)
Zona_USDA5a Info Zona USDA
Parte di pianta da usare in cucinagermogli