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Earrings with real sage flowers

Un Quadrato di Giardino - Podenzano (PC)

Orecchini con fiori veri


Earrings with real sage flowers, handmade of bronze with hanging blue spheres. Earrings with real sage flowers, made of bronze with hanging blue spheres. Sage flowers are vitrified, resistant and stable. In the language of flowers, sage symbolizes health. Light blue symbolizes health, healing, tranquility, understanding.

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Cagnani Silvia was born in 1978 in Piacenza. 

He lives and works in Podenzano (PC)-ITALY.
He concluded in June 2001 training courses (figure, adorned, engraving, sculpture) at the Art Gazzola Piacenza achieving two consecutive years for a scholarship "Tansini" as best student. In 2006 he obtained a diploma in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, gaining the vote and 110 of praise. 

A young artist specialized in portraits and representations of natural landscapes and interiors, she has participated in several international exhibitions; between these can cite some of particular prestige:

'01 Biennial International of Engraving Polanschi, a work selected, Verona. 
Luglio'04 "Salonprimo" Permanent Museum (with a portrait figure natural size), Milan. 
December'05 "Award Holy Cross” - Special Jury Prize, Villa Pacchiani, Santa Croce sull'Arno, Pisa. 
September'06 "International Biennial Prize Sandro and Marialuisa Angelini”, Special Jury Prize, Bergamo - Carrara Academy of Fine Arts. 
Dicembre'06 "International Award of engraving  Fabio Bertoni, fourth edition " - 3 ° prize Fermignano - Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, PU. 
January / February'07 - Exhibition "Art Graphics Italian, Italian Cultural Institute in Berlin and Galerie Carlshorst” as representation of young Italian engravers, Carlshorst Galerie, Berlin 
April / May'07 - Fibrenus Prize XXI ^ edition: a work selected, Carnello (Fr). 
September / October'07 - Morlotti Prize XXI ^ edition: artist finalist, Imbersago (Lc). 
October 2007 - Award HOUSE CUP SIC Salone Internazionale del Café, winning work, Milan. 
December'07 "Award Holy Cross” - invited artist, Villa Pacchiani, Santa Croce sull'Arno, Pisa.

For several years the owner togheter with Andrea Martini of plantnursery 'Un quadrato di giardino', illustrator and craftswoman works on commission; blogger and creator, flower designer, gardener and mother.